Why should you choose Albert’s
as your wholesale food supplier?

At Albert’s Meats our goal is to be a wholesale food supplier that creates products that our customers love and will continue to come back for every time…which means coming back to your store every time as well.

We choose to set our products apart from our competitors through freshness, flavor and overall quality. This is why our customers are always coming back to buy our products. Check out our testimonials page.


Great Service & Great Products for Wholesale Food Suppliers

Great service and trouble-free wholesale food supply, wholesale meat supply and packaging of The Albert’s Brand of processed meats is only one thing that we offer. Our customer service also sets us apart because we want to ensure that our customers are getting everything that they need from us. We will be available to help at all costs.

Some key benefits to working with us include:

  • On-Time Delivery
  • Easy Reorder Process
  • Trouble-Free Packaging


More Great Wholesale Food Products to Choose From

In addition to our great Albert’s Wholesale Meats products, Green Valley Packing Co. is also a wholesale food provider for these items:

Seaboard Foods Pork Cuts

  • Bone In Loins – 2pc/cs
  • Bone In Center Cut Loins
  • Boneless Center Cut Loins
  • Boneless Center Cut Strap Off Loins
  • Boneless Pork Sirloins
  • Pork Tenders
  • Butts
  • Square cut Butts
  • Boneless Butts
  • Spareribs 2pc.
  • Spareribs 1pc.
  • Back ribs 1pc.
  • Bone in Pork Sirloins
  • Pig Feet Froz.
  • Pork Neck Bones Fresh
  • CT Pork Butt Trim
  • Boneless Picnics
  • Pork Trimmings

Pearl Valley Cheese

  • Mini Longhorn
  • Mini Marble
  • Mini Hot Pepper Jack
  • Mini Farmers
  • Mini Lacy Baby Swiss
  • Large Longhorn
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Swiss Lace
  • Baby Swiss Deli Style
  • Hot Pepper
  • Block American
  • Sliced American
  • Pepperoni cheese
  • Horseradish Cheese
  • Bacon Cheese



Additional Wholesale Food Products

In additional to the great tasting products listed above, we also offer wholesale food products from these great brands:
Sauder’s Amish Eggs, Natural Sausage Casings, Hormel, Eckrich, Isaly’s and Daisyfield Products.

Bacon Variety

Providing unique and great tasting product is what we do! Be sure to order some of our freshest cuts of bacon in any of these great options:

  • Slab Bacon
  • Indiana Bacon
  • Mariah Bacon
  • Pepper Bacon
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