Just a note to say that I grew up in Pennsylvania and always loved all of the Alberts meat products, especially the sausage and kielbasa.

I am now living in Memphi, TN, and every time I visit my family in PA, I buy Alberts sausage and bring it back to TN.  I always get rave reviews and requests for the brand name and store where I purchased the sausage!  I also get requests to bring even more back to TN when I visit PA.  I have had to try numerous other brands available in TN, and none of them even comes close to Alberts.

Just wanted you to know that we appreciate the taste and quality of your products.  They are always tender, without gristle, and perfectly seasoned!  I just wish I could get them in Tennessee!!!

We have a friend who used to be able to drive 4 hours and pick up a lot of your Polska Kielbassi, and shared some with us. From that point on we were hooked. Our other friends have started joining in as well and have switched to Albert’s Meats. We love your kielbassi! It is the best!

We are Pitt football fans and last November when the hams were available, I prepared one for our tailgating party with our Pitt friends.  They truly enjoyed the ham and a couple of them asked about the brand and where I purchased it.  These friends live in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh and unfortunately, they were not able to find Albert’s hams where they shop at their local Giant Eagle.  I guess I will have to make hams more often for our tailgating friends!!

I am sincere in saying so and can attest to your fine quality along with being a “GREAT TASTING HAM”!