Picnic Hacks: 5 Genius Tips for a Safe Picnic

Fall is a perfect time of year to gather friends and/or family for a feast outside. Somehow, everything tastes better in the fresh air! And the beautiful fall scenery makes it even better. Make sure your cookout runs smoothly with our clever safety picnic hacks:

1-Keep Your Cool

Salmonella and other nasty bacteria just love warmer weather, so one of the best ways to avoid upset tummies is to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Freeze water bottles and place them in your cooler box to keep your picnic foods safely fresh. You’ll also have some refreshing drinks when the ice melts!

2-Deter Unwanted Guests

Experts argue over the reason why this genius hack works, but the only thing you need to know is that it does! Fill a Ziploc bag half-full of water and drop 4 pennies into it. When you arrive at your picnic destination, use twine to hang the bag from a tree branch and wave goodbye to annoying and disease-spreading flies.

3-Drink Sensibly

Nobody wants a mouthful of wasp with his or her drink. Place muffin or cupcake liners upside down over the top of your glass and pierce with a straw to keep all unwanted visitors out of your beverage. And be sure that the little ones at your picnic are drinking plenty of fluids; kids tend to do more playing than eating or drinking.

4-Beat the Heat

Don’t come home to sunburn or sickness: Pack sun protection cream and anti-bacterial wipes in your cooler box. They are most effective when kept cold.

5-No Sharp Objects Required

Packing sharp knives in your picnic basket can introduce all kinds of risks, especially with small children involved. Pre-slice as much as possible, and bring mint-free floss—not for your teeth but as a neat cake slicer. Genius!