Meat Appetizers for Halloween

It’s that time of year: carved pumpkins, clever costumes and oh so many delicious treats to enjoy!  Halloween is an annual tradition involving plenty of edibles, so this year, keep ‘em coming back for more than just sweets, by offering meat appetizers for Halloween.

A wide variety of tasty meat treats can add a more substantial flavor to any Halloween party platter. One of the easiest and most time-tested methods of preparation: using a variety of meat and cold cut combinations, including ring bologna, kielbasa, knockwurst, and cubed or diced ham.

Simply slice bite-sized portions, insert toothpicks, and present with your favorite dipping sauces – it’s scary how easy and delicious this preparation can be! Or, to maximize your pairing potential, add some cubed cheeses to the menu: cheddar, Colby jack, and swiss are just a few favorites.

Another hauntingly delicious use of those meats: a spooky-shaped gelatin mold, using your meat ingredients for both texture and flavor. A common favorite for this treat is the “brain” mold, which you can prepare exactly as you would any festive holiday gelatin mold. Keep an eye out for these molds around Halloween; if you can’t find them at your grocer, check out any larger online retail outlets.

But if the spirit of Halloween REALLY moves you, you can bring those treats from tasty to terrifyingly cool. Arranging sliced meats on Meat Appetizera plastic skull or a bony hand is an awesome way to show off your taste for the spooky. Make sure your plastic skull or skeletal hand is thoroughly cleaned and washed before you place the slices of meat; the effect you want is a thin layer of “skin” on your Halloween prop, so remember to layer it evenly. Add a pair of edible olive “eyes” to your skull for that perfectly ghoulish finishing touch.