How To Clean Your Grill Without Chemicals

Summer is winding down and if you are like many Americans, your grill has seen some serious use during these warm days. With all those easy weeknight meals and weekend backyard cookouts, your grill is probably in need of a little TLC.

Of course, we are always conscience of what chemicals we use on surfaces that comes in contact with our food. With that in mind, we are happy to share this recipe for a grill cleaner that you can rest easy knowing it is not harmful to you or the environment.

  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  1. Make a paste from the baking soda and water. It should be thick enough to stay in place, but not so thick that you can’t spread it smoothly.
  2. Generously cover the grates with the baking soda mixture and let it sit over night. Be sure to add a little more to the heavily soiled areas.
  3. The next day, use a grill brush to scrub the grates and reveal a ready-to-cook grill!