Cooking Meats 101

Franks and Sausages

Sometimes we take the simplest food for granted and get in a hurry when we prepare them. But if we were to just take a little extra time we would be able to retain its fullest flavor and enjoy these dishes that much more. Learn how to prepare two of our great tasting meat products.

Skinless or Natural Casing Franks

Everyone loves traditional franks, whether at a BBQ or just for lunch. But if you want a real treat, you should try skinless or natural casing franks.

There is only one proper way to prepare our Albert’s Skinless or Natural Casing Franks.  First bring water to a rolling boil in you sauce pot. Next, place the Franks in the water and bring back to a rolling boil , as soon as it starts rolling turn off place lid on pot wait 5 min. then serve and enjoy.


Grilled Italian Sausage

First, its important to poach the sausage so that you can seal in more of the flavotr after transferring it to the grill. Boil water in a sauce pot, after it starts to boil drop sausage into the pot, top with the lid then turn off burner. Let it sit for 5 to 15 minutes. Remember, you are not fully cooking the sausage just setting or firming them up a little before you start grilling them. Now remove them from the pot after letting them set and grill until fully cooked to your liking and enjoy !