Albert’s Meats Country Sausage Isn’t Just For Breakfast

When your family grows tired of the same meals every week, it’s time to spice it up by incorporating Albert’s Meats Country Sausage recipes into your routine. While it’s called breakfast sausage, this flavorful meat is so delicious and versatile it can be used in a variety of recipes. From serving breakfast like pancakes and sausage for dinner to culinary masterpieces with a savory kick for entertaining, Albert’s Country Sausage recipes have you covered.

Albert’s Meats stand a cut above other meat product companies. We care about keeping our customers satisfied and delivering quality product in every package. Unlike bigger brands, Albert’s Meats never uses poultry as filler in our products so you know you’re using top ingredients in your Albert’s Country Breakfast Sausage recipes. There’s no MSG used during manufacturing and all hams are lower sodium and fully cooked.



Albert’s Meats sausage products are always packaged fresh, never previously frozen like some of our competitors. When you make Albert’s Country Breakfast Sausage recipes and recipes with our Italian sausage products you’re using made-to-order flavored pork that is guaranteed fresh. Albert’s Meats doesn’t cut corners with any of our products and we take great pride in our sausage varieties.


Delicious Flavor and versatility

The fresh flavor of Albert’s Meats sausage makes it irresistible however you cook it. Whether it’s a weekend morning breakfast player beside eggs and toast, a quick snack of leftovers after a long day or an ingredient in your favorite party appetizer, Albert’s Meats Country Breakfast Sausage recipes aren’t reserved for mornings. Here are a few Albert’s Meats Country Breakfast Sausage recipes to get you started. You’re certain to discover new and creative ways to use Albert’s Meats sausage in your dishes.

Albert’s Meats Country Sausage Casserole

Albert’s Meats Country Sausage Pita Pizza

Albert’s Meats Country Sausage Cheese Bread

You can also use other Albert’s Meats Country Sausage recipes ideas like:
• tossing cooked sausage into your favorite pasta sauce and serving over spaghetti
• crumbling cooked sausage into your favorite white gravy recipe and pouring over biscuits
• mixing cooked sausage in with bell peppers and cheese for a hearty omelette
• incorporating chopped sausage into your waffle or pancake batter for a sweet, savory and surprising breakfast delight

No matter what type of Albert’s Meats Country Sausage recipes you use, you’re certain to receive rave reviews from friends and family. Join other satisfied customers by adding Albert’s Country Sausage recipes to your routine.