Albert's Meats Established

Albert Packing 1924 Meadow Avenue Washington, PA, founded by George Albert.

Albert's Expands Products

Largest slaughterer and meat packer in Washington County, PA. Packages fresh sausage, franks, bologna, smoked hams, and much more.

Green Valley Packing

Green Valley Packing purchased by George P. Weiss August 1961, slaughter retail.

Albert's in the 60s

Albert's in 1965 still the Washington County, PA largest meat processor and slaughter house.

Green Valley Packing 1968

Green Valley Packing expands custom slaughter and retail operations.

Green Valley Packing 70s

Green Valley Packing slaughter retail expanding processed meats under the Green Valley label.

Green Valley Buys Albert's

In 1978, Green Valley Packing acquires the Albert's Tasty Brand label and continues the tradition that Albert Packing set in 1924.

Sausages, Hams and More

Green Valley Packing continues to expand the Albert's brand. Pictured here are three employees pealing skinless franks using state-of-the-art equipment of that time.

Building Expansion

Green Valley Packing grows its production and distribution facility in Taylorstown, PA, where they are still in operation today.

Generations Working Together

Green Valley Packing is now proudly distributing the Albert's Meats Brand can be found in hundreds of locations in the tri-state area by George P., George A., and Brian Weiss, descendants of George Albert.